Ben Kewell

I have now been surfing for 20 years and fortunate to surf in numerous locations around the globe. Most of the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Sardinia, Canaries, Madeira, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Philippines, California, Barbados, Brazil and Peru.  There are still so many more locations on my radar though. I have so many favorite waves to choose from but one memorable session that defined that feeling of stoked was at ‘Cojo’s, The Ranch, California’.  I love all the different and interesting people who visit us here at the Glide Surf School. Seeing them learn, progress and enjoy their surfing and SUPing is what keeps us doing what we do.

Joe Coleman

I have been in the water since I was a toddler and I started surfing around age 10. I have surfed Northumberland and Cornwall. I love a small summer swell at Mundesley. I love helping people who have never surfed before and then watching them get to their feet for the first time, seeing how happy it makes everyone.

Stu Thompson
I have been surfing for about 17-18 years. 
I am fortunate enough to have surfed all over the world, but my favourite place was probably Bangladesh; the people were so welcoming and I left having made some great friends. Nothing beats a good session at Cromer though!
I love working at the Glide because I get to meet loads of interesting people and introduce them to the joy of surfing, right in my home town. Its such a privilege to see somebody feel that stoke of riding their first wave, and it helps me to remember how lucky I am to to live by the coast, surf, and be able to share it with others.
Colin Howell

My career in surfing was cut short because of my obsession with gum drop buttons and I’m currently retired. I have been surfing all over the world, Southern Ireland, Barbados, Canary Islands, Sri Lanka, California, Hawaii, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, South Africa, Mozambique, Liberia, Morocco, Madeira, Indonesia, Philippines, Egypt, Iceland, Lebanon, Israel Sicily, the Orkney Islands and the treacherous southern coastline of Pakistan. My absolute favourite is the North Pole, where I spend most of my days now building toys and dreaming about surfing in Cromer.