Welcome to Firewire Surfboards; welcome to the future! Founded in 2006 by legendary Australian shaper Nev Hyman, Firewire Surfboards were the first major high-performance surfboard manufacturer to utilize 100% EPS/Epoxy construction. In addition to producing roughly 50 times less Volatile Organic Compounds than your traditional Polyurethane surfboard, EPS/Epoxy boards are also considerably more durable, meaning their environmental friendliness is further enhanced through longevity.

There’s been a question mark over the inherent flex properties of boards made with EPS foam, but Firewire Surfboards’ utilisation of ingenious innovations such as parabolic stringers, ‘Springer HD’ and vacuum sandwich construction has brought them right up to the same performance level and arguably, depending on the surfer/conditions, beyond those of Polyerethane/Polyester surfboards.

Firewire Surboards are truly pushing the boundaries of surfboard construction. If you haven’t already, why not join the ever-increasing army of surfers who want their surfboard to perform amazingly and stay alive for longer – while causing much less harm to the environment.

Fresh deliveries arrive every month or two so if we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock right now we can get it for you.

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