photo by ‘Nick Stokes’

The North-facing coastline allows for a huge swell window, proving the Glide Surf School location to be the most consistent and best place to surf and progress in Norfolk.

Cromer town’s iconic pier has created shelter for mid and low tide sand banks making it a perfect and safe place for all our lessons, hire and people to learn.  Conveniently situated overlooking the sea, we can constantly monitor the conditions providing you with an immediate and accurate eyeball report so you know the perfect time to surf.


If you consider yourself a complete beginner or a novice surfer still riding white water waves we advise you to surf on a mid and low tide at the east beach.  Our lessons and hire times are NOT offered 2 and 1/2 hours either side of the high tide time due to it becoming dangerous to users and equipment.  If you ride a longboard or surf an SUP these stages of mid and low tides are also better due to the waves generally breaking slower and running for longer.


If you consider yourself a confident intermediate to a more advanced surfer, surfing smaller or more performance based boards or an experienced longboarder/SUP boarder then you can surf over the high tide time as well. 2 and 1/2hours either side of the high tide waves will increase in size breaking faster with more power.  This is mostly due to the steep pebble and shingle high tide banks that are formed across the majority of the North Norfolk coast.  The reef at East Runton will also create better shape and increase wave size for surfing over the higher tide.

Flat water SUP and kayaking in Norfolk can be done at any stage of tide.  However, this is best when there is no surf and the wind is light.  Remember if you are going out on a lower tide you have further to carry your equipment!  If the wind is strong offshore then we recommend paddling on the higher tide as Cromer town buildings, the pier and cliffs provide adequate and safe shelter.

We always recommend surfing at RNLI lifeguarded beaches.

Click below for the local surf reports, webcams, live buoy data and surf safety advice: