Founder & Head Instructor

I have now been surfing for 20 years and fortunate to surf in numerous locations around the globe. Most of the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Sardinia, Canaries, Madeira, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Philippines, California, Barbados, Brazil and Peru.  There are still so many more locations on my radar though. I have so many favorite waves to choose from but one memorable session that defined that feeling of stoked was at ‘Cojo’s, The Ranch, California’.  I love all the different and interesting people who visit us here at the Glide Surf School. Seeing them learn, progress and enjoy their surfing and SUPing is what keeps us doing what we do.

Womens Surf Camp


Surf & SUP Instructor

I’ve been surfing since I was a little kid, starting out on bodyboards before getting my first hardboard when I was a teenager. 15 or so years later I still love cruising on my longboard! My favourite spot to surf has to be finding somehwere on the Devonshire coast and riding those endless waves! 

Being a surf coach is truly the best job I’ve ever had, it allows me to share my love of surfing with others, and who wouldn’t want to have the ocean as their office!? 

2021.05.22 - Surfing in Cromer - 0349


Surf & SUP Instructor

I have been in the water since I was a toddler and I started surfing around age 10. I have surfed Northumberland and Cornwall. I love a small summer swell at Mundesley. I love helping people who have never surfed before and then watching them get to their feet for the first time, seeing how happy it makes everyone.



Surf & SUP Instructor

I have spent my entire life by the coast and started surfing over 10 years ago now when travelling through Spain, it was definitely a bit of a shock to come back to the North Sea! I’m a big fan of the Canary Islands as a Winter getaway but have also been fortunate to surf in various places in Central America. One ticked off the bucket list though was surfing in the Galapagos Islands in 2022 which was genuinely stunning! That all said, there’s nothing quite like Cromer on a good swell, in the Summer watching the sun set through the pier! 

The most amazing thing about teaching people to surf is without a shadow of a doubt, the stoke you see  on people’s faces when they stand up for the first time! I remember that feeling and you just can’t hide how happy you are! Hopefully we’ll see you in the sea soon! 

Will Morton


Surf & SUP Instructor

The first time I ever surfed was at 7 years old but I started to surf seriously when I was 11. I have travelled to Spain, France, Portugal, Jersey, Wales and various places in England. My favourite break would be foam groyne in Cromer because it’s home and catching a wave here is so much more rewarding than anywhere else. I love teaching SURF and SUP lessons because it’s so rewarding taking someone from being a novice and slightly nervous of the prospect to seeing them on their feet and riding their first wave. Also there’s nowhere better too work than on the beach and in the sea!

Kids Surf Camp


Surf & SUP Instructor

I first surfed on holiday in Gwithian, Cornwall when I was 8 and was hooked from then on. I’ve surfed all over the UK and have spent last Winter surfing Canggu, Bali. I’m fortunate to have represented team England at the 2021 adaptive surf competition at The Wave Bristol which was an incredible experience. 
My favourite break to surf however, has to be my home break of Cromer. You can’t beat a clean, chest high wave at Philleestines peak by the pier in the Summer as the sun sets behind the pier. 
I love working at Glide because it allows me to watch people’s confidence grow in the water, and it’s always a great feeling when you see someone stand up the for the first time! 

Trainee Instructors

Rhiannon, Jay & Ziggy

Trainee Surf Instructors

Rhiannon, Jay and Ziggy are our trainee surf intructors. All 3 of them have been with Glide since they were groms. They are currently undergoing their final qualifications and looking forward to their first full seasons as surf instructors with Glide. 
If you are interested in becoming a surf and/or SUP instructor please get in contact to disuss course availabilty. 

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