A perfect way for your children to emerge happy, strong and even more resiliant out of the Covid19 lockdown. Why not register your child today for one of our discounted ‘2021 GLIDE SURF CAMPS’ 

During the week long surf camp program your child will learn the foundational skills of surfing with all the equipment provided. Paired stand up paddle boarding, water based board games and water safety skills
may also be incorporated into the lessons.  It is also a program of fun and team building that will
hugely build their confidence and skills in the sea.  Due to being so popular we have added even more dates for this coming season.



  • GLIDE SURF CAMP 1 – 31st MAY to 4th JUNE:  Mon-Wed 15:30-17:30 & Thurs-Fri 09:00-11:00
  • GLIDE SURF CAMP 2 – 26th JULY to 30th JULY:  Mon – Thurs 15:30-17:30 & Fri 16:00-18:00
  • GLIDE SURF CAMP 3 – 2nd AUG to 6th AUG:  Mon – Fri 09:00-11:00
  • GLIDE SURF CAMP 4 – 9th AUG to 13th AUG: Mon-Fri 15:30-17:30 
  • GLIDE SURF CAMP 5 – 16th AUG to 20th AUG: Mon 08.30-1030 & Tues-Fri 09:00-11:00
  • GLIDE SURF CAMP 6 – 23rd AUG to 27th AUG: Mon-Fri 15:30-17:30
  • GLIDE SURF CAMP 7 – 30th AUG to 3rd AUG: Mon 15:30-17:30 & Tues-Fri 09:00-11:00