Glide Surfboards


Inspired by the North Sea.  Shaped and glassed in Newquay, Cornwall. 

Nigel Semmens who has over 40 years of shaping experience and alongside his knowledgeable team at Ocean Magic manufacture some of the UK’s best surfboards, as well as produce all the International Surfboards for Pyzel, Lost and Aipa, to be distributed here on our home soil!  Working with this outstanding team has been mind blowing and allowed us to develop the highest quality surfboard, bringing into reality models that are designed and made with Norfolk and North Sea waves in mind.  However, they are certainly not limited to its boarders and will perform just as well when away from home. The ‘Slop Destroyer’ and ‘The Bomb’ are two unique surfboards that are shaped by the best internationally but without the price tag and will be sure to take your surfing to a new level!

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